Dear IT Pro and Experts,

I have a computer running WinXP with SP2, it has 128MB of RAM,
and 477Mhz Processor.

I was using internet on this computer suddenly the computer
was little slow and when I checked the paging file usage in "processes" by going to windows task manager,it was 396MB .

When I checked the maximum paging file usage for my computer
by going into system properties and "Advanced" tab ,it shows

Paging file means when a computer uses perticular part or area
of the Hard Drive as a memory.

I wanted to know that is my paging file usage 396MB because I only have 128MB of RAM which is not enough for my system resources? Is this the reason why my computer response was slowing down?

My other question is that should I upgrade my processor to 1Ghz?

I hope my question is clear

windows xp manages the page file ,it can be a different size every time you look, i think , do i think you should upgrade you processor t o 1 gig ,no, waste of money in my opinion and a 500 that you have now running xp and 128 meg ram ,is just totally nuts !,get something bigger computer are cheap now . unless you are running a AMD processor you will need to get a new motherboard to go from 500 ,to 1 gig anyway