I will admit that I know next to nothing about computers, so if this is a stupid question or has already been asked, so be it.
The trouble is, a couple of websites that I used to visit regularly will not come up. I get the old 'Action Canceled' message every time, for some months now. It's a pretty isolated incident, as I don't have any trouble with other websites. The page suggests reloading but that never works. If anybody has any idea how to get around it, please let me know.


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Is this a wide selection of sites or just a few of them? Could you let us know what sites they are so we can make sure that they do, indeed, work. It might just be a very awkward coincidence that the sites all happen to be down ;) Well, you never know.

Do you have any other problems with Internet-related applications (i.e. Instant Messenger programs?) Have you tried using alternative browsers such as Mozilla? Does that work, thus making it definitely an Internet Explorer problem?


I am having the same problem - I can get to mail.yahoo.com, but once I enter my user name and password, the webpage does not execute, it just claims to be "Waiting for us.f522.mail.yahoo.com"
Other websites that I can't access that I used to be able to include - www.microsoft.com, www.bankofbutterfield.com

I have run all Spyware / Adware programs - Spybot, Ad-Aware, Microsoft AntiSpyware, I can't find anything unusual in HijackThis - What do you think it could be?

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