Hello all

I recently took honourship of a shiny new decent spec PC. After running IE for years I thought Id go to Firefox to see what all the fuss was about. Firefox ran great initially, then I decided to input the browse faster fix described in an earlier thread.

I had been running Incredimail as my default email browser, the I noticed that when I attempted to read an email in Incredimail all I was getting was a blank page and I was having to save all my emails to the desktop to read them. I uninstalled Incredimail thinking that the problem lay there. when I downloaded and tried to reinstall Incredimail I got/keep getting an error message saying that I must have IE5.5 or higher installed to install Incredimail.

I also get a similiar message when I try to run disk defrag from system tools.

However when I click on Internet Explorer help it tells me that Im running IE6 service pack 2 :confused:

Can anyone point me in the general direction please


Well, I don't know if this will help, but it's something to read and consider:
(To find the related info, click go to the toolbar at the top of IE and click on Edit, and then Find on this page; type in incredimail, and hit Find next)

I personally had Incredimail for one day and started having problems, but it may have been a coincidence.

I came up with a couple of suggestions. If your OS is XP or ME, try using System Restore to a point before you started having problems.

This is a link to an IE Fix that may help:

Fire Fox seems to be having tons of problems of late. I suggest this to ya. www.maxthon.com. Almost like ie but offers tabs. I love it. Poke around in the settings for maxthon. In general offers to clean out cookies,cache all that good stuff when you close your browser. I use ie to. Took me about 20 min to figure out maxthon and I never used tabbed browsers before........hope that helps........peace.......im out

System Restore wont work at any of the system checkpoints since I got the PC earlier in the month.

Im now browsing the web using IE6 SP2 and everything appears ok until I use any program or application that is browser based, when I try to use any of them I am told that I need IE 5.5 or higher installed.

Beginning to think my problems may be bigger than I first thought.

Cracked the case guys.

Forgot Windows has that little gem of a tool called "Last Know Good Config That Worked", ran that and everything seems to be back to normal,(well havent tried System Restore yet!) Including Incredimail.

Thanks for the prompt replys earlier today, have now added this site to my favourites, for the next time.....and there will be a next time!!!!


Thanks for sharing your fix, Mozza :). I guess the lesson here is that if System Restore doesn't work, try "Last known good configuration" to see if will fix the problem.