I have web pages on a Windows 2000 intranet web server that uses IIS. Everyone has to use Windows Network login to get into the Intranet. I need to restrict who can view Intranet web pages which are located in this directory and also in subdirecties of this directory -> C:/webServerApps/restrictedDirectory
Basically only allow certain people to view web pages located in the following directories:

I would like to restrict the access to view all web pages in the above directories based on the Network Intranet Login username.
If for example John Smith has permissions to view the web pages then he should be able to view them after he logs into the Intranet. If Joe Jones doesnt have permissions then he will not be able to see the web pages after logging into the Intranet.

Please advise how this is done?

Uncheck enable anonymous access in iis go into windows explorer right click the directory, goto security tab, click advance uncheck allow inheritable permission ... click add add the user names that will be allowed to view this directory, you may need to add ISUER_computer name user back to the dir. too.