my windows xp is not loadin up meaning i have no icons or start up menu just a background in order to do anything i have to start and install a new task each time any and all help would be apprieacted thank you sean

start a new task named explorer.exe ...

Ye, I agree.
Explorer.exe is the task that virtually loads everything and other tasks. The background you can see is referred to as the "desktop" the one with allthe icons. So if explorer.exe does not work, try booting the PC in Safe Mode and see if your Desktop and icons comes up alright. It could be a virus or perhaps Spyware, so if Safe Mode works run a Virus Scanner ( i suggest Nortons) and a Spyware scanner. ( suggest Spybot Search & Destroy) which you can get Free from jus simply search for it!

Hope this helps.


This is a probably a result of a corrupted registry.

Be sure to add explorer.exe process in the Run folder of your registry.


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