I'm having a annoying problem with my start menu. About a month ago I was infected with a few trojans and i spent the better have of 2 weeks getting them off. After I noticed a few problems with my options. These problems were not so bad that i couldn't use my computer they were just annoying. Problems like my time at the bottom of the screen being military time and saying VIRUS ALERT! but another was making me nervous. I could not find the log off button on the start menu. I looked through properties and everything else i could think of, even through control panel and user accounts. But for the life of me I could not make my log off button come back. This lack of a log off button caused my computer to skip logging in when starting up and going straight to my main account. I was and still am very worried about this because anyone could just start my computer up and have access to everything. I need a way to get that start button back without going to a store and spending money to have them work on it. If anyone has any advice or can help me solve this problem please reply. Or if you have any questions that i could answer to make this problem more clear just ask and I would be glad to answer them. Thank you for your time and I hope you are the one to help me.

Are you using the classic (grey) start menu or the xp style (blue) one

I was using blue but now i switched to grey. I dont think it mattered i had the same problem with blue default color, I switched colors after the problem happend

Ah right because I know logoff can be removed from the classic memnory by group policy

theres an option to show or hide logoff in the start menu properties. if its not there use twakui

I just downloaded the twakui you were talking about. This is now more concerning because it the log off option was not being hidden at all. I also did another check of my start menu properties and found no reason for it to be gone. I can not begin to explain this because my computer and other programs all say its not being hidden and its still there. Please if you have any answers all are welcome

try downloading avg..and scan your computer....or install Hi-jack this..from trend micro..and post the log file here..i'm sure a lot of guys here can help you to analyze the log file...good luck...