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Its been a while since i been to this site. Well here s the problem. I am having the blue screen coming up saying that there may be some issue with the drivers or something and then the system starts the physical memory dump. I thougt it could have something to do with the display drivers. I have tried swapping the memory sticks and still the same only difference is when i start the pc with the one memory stick removed the pc freezes soon after loadup no matter which of the memory stick is out. this way i dont get the blue screen as soon as normally it did come up when both memory sticks are in.

Now memory seems to be fine...hopefully.

The only other noticable thing that is a bit obvious is flickering screen when the windows is loading. It flickers a bit more and isnt normal like it used to do when the pc was healthy. I am thinking that it could be that the on board graphics is the cause. I have already cleaned up the insides of the pc to eliminate the overheating to be the cause.

What could be the possibilities i can try? Buying new grphics card aint something i wanna do at this time cos i dont know what is causing the problems in the first place? SO i'm all ears for any suggestions, ideas, cure. C'mon lets get this bugger sorted out for me please.


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What is the error code on the blue screen?

Right heres the error code

*stop: 0x0000008E(XAF79AB75,0XACA25784,0X00000000)

after that it says dumping of physical memory to th disk

windows do load up and the start up programs do load up normal. And in safe mode it did not come up with this error at all as i was checking different options in safe mode and it worked just fine. as soon as i swtched to normal mode it did this again.


That error usually points to a memory problem I would spend the 40 bucks on new memory and see if that fix's it. When I say points to memory problem it can also be the memory on the video card. So if swapping out the memory on the motherboard does not work could also be a bad video card

so it must b the onboard video cos i aint got graphics card seperate. memory seemes to work fine for during the safe mode though.

so u guys think its deinitely the vido card then eh????

hi try to unistall, your graphic driver but make sure you still have your CD graphic driver.. check if it will help.. or go to device manager then try to disable the display adapter... so you can isolate whether it's a software issue or your hardware...

if it doesn't help try to borrow a graphic card from a friend..

right i get what u mean but wouldnt it create problem for me when i disable the display driver? I mean with the display driver disabled i wont be able to see anything at all, isnt it? or is there something i am not guessing right?
i could try with another graphics card no problem but how do i first check to make sure that it is the display adapter that is causing the issue?

if your system is using like nvdia graphic driver, or any ic.. disabling the display driver.. will just disable the driver...

it doesn't mean that the display will be gone... if your display will be gone then that's ad diffrent story..i think microsoft will not put such kind of an option if the display will be gone...

it just like when you reinstall your windows the display is not so good..unless you install the graphic driver for your hardware...

just try it out.. but not so sure if it will help.. ;)

u can give a try by running the diagnostics test when the BSOD occurs. that might help a bit in figuring out the exact hardware problem. i had a similar kind of problem and i think i am done with it by swapping the RAMS.......

yeh but how do i run diagostics when it just goes blue just few moments into the startup

diagnostics tests runs irrespective of the BSOD. all u have to do is to press F8 before the windows logo appears.
hope u can do that. if else just borrow a RAM from ur friend and try out to start ur PC......... my friend too had the same problem........

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