okay... so yesterday randomly my laptop [toshiba a55 series] shut down on me. it just turned off. i let the computer sit for a few minutes because it was quite warm on the bottom when i did restart, my desktop was gone [the icons were missing and i couldnt right click on it] and my taskbar/start menu was gone too. the only thing that i could get onto the screen was the task manager. i've been using programs through there for about 10 hours now but i cant figure out what's going on. when i reboot in safe mode i still dont have a desktop or taskbar and i made a new account and it's the same there. i can access programs and my desktop through the task manager [new task>browse>desktop] but it's still a major problem that my desktop isnt showing. could someone please help im in the middle of a huge project for school and this is a huge headache to me!

Try to run regedit then navigate to this key:
"HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\microsoft\windows\currentversio n\policies\explorer\"
"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\ p olicies\explorer\"
create a new DWORD "NoDesktop" if it isn't already there. And set it to 0.

See if this does anything.

i dont understand what's being said... i put the first one into the new task window but it came up with an error message... i have a feeling that i wasnt supposed to do that.

I've got a toshiba laptop too...and i'm having the same problem!!! All I see is the lovely picture I have in the background, no taskbar, no time...not start button...no icons!!! All I can do is Ctrl Alt Del to get the task manager but that's so annoying!!