I want to set up a small server on my existing Windows Vista Home Premium, or Windows 7 PC's...one of them...

I want to use Apache, MySQL 4 or 5...and PHP 5...the latest versions of all programs...They come in a bundle called WampServer2...everything you basically need for a server...

OK...So I set all that up, made files, the server is working via http://localhost. apache is working, mysql, and php all working fine...

but the problem is, I want to make my server public, it won't be a big server, at most will probably take like less than 1GB or 2...how do I make it public for FREE??? is that even possible? but I don't want to use my IP address, but a website name like www.daniweb.com has...

my IP address is dynamic I think...and I'm behind a router...

Any suggestions or if it's even possible to make my server public?


OH...and another question...would it be better to get a server OS? like Windows Server 2008 or something?

also...I think this is in the wrong section...it was supposed to be under the DOMAINS section right?

Hi. Depending on where you are and the type of connection you have and the capabillities of your router yes it is VERY possible to do this.
If your ISP supports it you will need a STATIC IP. When you purchase your desired name you will need to register it with someones DNS servers so that traffic will be sent to your ip.
Your Router will have to be configured to allow annonymous traffic and will need to POINT to your server. You do not need to use server software if the machine you are using is running IIS then that is all you need.
I have my own servers running and had to source all this info myself. my site is: http:www.wayne-network.com
Good luck.

yes, my ISP supports everything, and has STATIC IP's for sale...problem is I will have to buy several static IP's to assign to 3-4 computers if not 5 in my house...and sometimes other people with laptops come over and connect to my internet...using a static IP might present a problem to them connecting...

aving a static IP will not cause any problems to ANY pc / laptop on your network.
You need the static IP for the required traffic to find your website.
You will also need to know what your UPLOAD spped is to the internet, as if it is low them you sites will be slow at loading.

Are you using a different server for each website?
You can host more than 1 website per server provided you have host headers are correct.

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