Hello all,
i'm formatting my pc and i'm facing a problem with my CD-ROM device. in the middle of windows xp installation i get an error message that it cant read from the I/O device.
i assume that my CD-ROM is damaged or something, but it happens that i have CD writer on the computer.
so i'm asking how can i change the boot device to read from the other CD Driver and not from the damaged one?

Thank you in advance

I've not tried this - but disable in Device manager the duff device and then if you've set the BIOS to boot from CD it ought to use the other device.

But, perhaps, first, wash the CD in warm sopy water, dry it thoroughly with a lint free cloth and maybe it'll work. An old remedy I've used many times.

you don't need to disable the cdrom in device manager.

as for changing bios settings, most modern computers will boot from either cdrom drive without having to enter the bios and change any settings. did you try just putting the cd into the burner and seeing if it boots? i'd also try blackeagles suggestion of cleaning the cd with some soap and water and a lint free cloth. if setup is always failing in the same spot, it sounds like the cd might be messed up.

if you do have to enter the bios to change the boot order, let us know what type of computer you have. every motherboard manufacturer tends to use a slightly different bios and ways of getting into it and changing settings varies. also, you can usually enter a "boot menu" which allows you to avoid changing settings in your bios and only temporarily changes your boot order, opposed to changing it in the bios which will save your settings until you manually go back into it and revert to your old boot order.