Every time I turn my Sony VAIO laptop on it comes up with two options:

Launch Startup Repair (recommended) and Start Windows Normally

I click on the Launch Startup Repair (recommended) option, the screen goes blank and the white arrow pointer enlarges and seems to have the same affect on the screen. A message appears in a box;

VAIO - Recovery Tools are being launched. Please wait.

I wait and another message appears in a box;

VAIO - Copying of the folder failed. (button that says OK)

I click the button that says OK, wait and my laptop completely shuts down.

Why is it doing this? How can I resolve it? Do I have to get a new laptop?

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Have you tried running in safe mode? That should work, if it doesnt then i suggest doing a complete format.

Another option is to press F10 or F8 and do a complete Factory settings restore.


To get into safe mode, first turn off your computer by the button, that says power.

Then when a menu comes up, use the arrow keys to go to, Safe mode with networking, go to your file and it should work.

what about CDs that came with vista?

Why Sony vaio is acting weird. I will boot up fully but it won't show my home page with the screen saver and all of my shortcuts.

Any help is appreciated

Sorry the why is so post to be a my

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