Every time I turn my Sony VAIO laptop on it comes up with two options:

Launch Startup Repair (recommended) and Start Windows Normally

I click on the Launch Startup Repair (recommended) option, the screen goes blank and the white arrow pointer enlarges and seems to have the same affect on the screen. A message appears in a box;

VAIO - Recovery Tools are being launched. Please wait.

I wait and another message appears in a box;

VAIO - Copying of the folder failed. (button that says OK)

I click the button that says OK, wait and my laptop completely shuts down.

Why is it doing this? How can I resolve it? Do I have to get a new laptop?

Have you tried running in safe mode? That should work, if it doesnt then i suggest doing a complete format.

Another option is to press F10 or F8 and do a complete Factory settings restore.


To get into safe mode, first turn off your computer by the button, that says power.

Then when a menu comes up, use the arrow keys to go to, Safe mode with networking, go to your file and it should work.

Why Sony vaio is acting weird. I will boot up fully but it won't show my home page with the screen saver and all of my shortcuts.

Any help is appreciated