I have been trying to repair a laptop pc for a couple months now and have not had any success in finding a solution to the BSOD problem's.

Errors reported are as follows:
0x00000024 (0x001902FE, 0xB4BEE538, 0xB4BEE234, 0xB9CE63EE) NTFS.sys Address- B9CE63EE base at B9CE6000, datestamp 48025be5

I have also seen error 0x00000050 on occasion, but not as frequently as 0x000024.

These errors occur almost entirely when there is an office application running. (Word, Outlook, Excel & Access)
I have tried to repair and reinstall using the Office disk. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling.

This machine will also restart inadvertently. It did earlier today when opening Outlook after installing Office 2k3 again.

The machine is a Dell Vostro 1500 and Dell will not send out a technician to troubleshoot this machine as they claim it is a software issue based on the errors reported above.

Is there any hope of getting this machine working correctly or should we drop it and use the Dell warranty to replace the entire machine? I really hate that option as it is not only wasteful but also dishonest.

Please help!

Yes, I read that thread & have also tested the memory using the memory tester application. Everything seems to test out fine but the BSOD usually returns when there is an office application running, especially Outlook. Today I started using a different Outlook profile and was not able to make the laptop crash. I even ran defragment and backup utilities while downloading several hundred emails. I am really surprised that the machine did not crash as it almost always does immediately when running backup and Outlook simultaneously. The problem may be resolved but I have little faith in the solution simply being related to a corrupt Outlook profile as no emails are missing or contacts lost or even calendar appointments missing or anything else. I will keep this thread open until I have run the machine all weekend without a BSOD.

Thanks for the suggestions.

It just occurred to me - is there an external factor affecting Outlook or Office behaviour? What is the list of Add-ins associated with the offending Office programs?

Can you try disabling them one by one unitil (hopefully) the problem stops. Outlook Add-ins usually operate through DLLs and anything can happen if one of them is buggy.