Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me with this problem.

Over last couple of days, when I start up computer, it gets to the windows screen, and the blue bar thing just goes round and round, and it never gets into windows.

I eventually get it to start up, if I try a few times or go into safe mode and restart from there, or go into bios and then start from there, but I don't get what it is.

I was thinking it may be because its been cold here the last couple of days, cpu temp was around 15 degrees this morning when I started up, perhaps the hard drive didn't like the cold, but just a few minutes ago, it wouldn't start up, and temp was in low 20's.

My pc stats are:
Vista(32 bit),
Biostar TPower I45 mobo,
Intel E8600 core 2 duo(2 x 3.33Ghz)
Palit Radeon ATI 1GB Dual Edition graphics card,
4GB, Elixir ram (4 sticks of 1GB)
Antec true power trio 650W
NZXT Hush case
160G hitachi hard drive (cuurently in use)
250G maxtor hard drive.

I've reinstalled drivers for motherboard, so I don't know what it is, I might swap to other hard drive to see if problem persists.

Can anyone offer any other ideas?
Thanks for any help Colin

I don't think the coldness causes the problem. It's probably the hardware itself has a problem.
Possible you may unplug all the wires and reconnect it. If it still happens, remove RAM and the graphics card and reinsert.

Hi, I haven't tried it yet, I've been trying a new hard drive that I have. So far the same occurence has not happened, and hopefully won't (touch wood).

I can't see how reinserting graphics card or ram would help, unless your saying there is bad connection somewhere.
But if so, then surely it would occur while I'm using this new hard drive.


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