I am running xp pro with sp2 on my home computer. I have a dsl and I am using a router with a built in firewal. My question is this, along with the router can i use the xp built-in firewall protection, or should I purchase a software firewall program. Whenever I go to symnatec site and check to see if I am safe the report comes back fine. I want to be safe, but don't want to spend the money If I don't have to. What should I do?


Personally I find the built-in firewall of XP SP2 is great specially that your router offer protection as well. I say great because not only is it much better than the SP1 version, but it also doesn't disturb your work too much nor does it affect system performance (not noticeably at least).

If you still feel unsafe, head on to www.grc.com and put your system through the ShieldsUP test. If it passes then great if not you can always use the free version of ZoneAlarm .. That’s what I use and it's tops in terms of protection.

Good luck and do let us know which way you decided to go :)

Ciao for now.

I agree, as long as you have a router with a built-in firewall, the firewall in XP is fine.