So my computer was running fine a few days ago and then i got a school assignment and i decided to download CS4 adobe photoshop. But i had to pay so i torrented a cracked full version, i downloaded and i scanned with norton and all was good so i double clicked on setup and nothing happened 5 secs later i get a pop saying that a virus was blocked it was called"postscan" so i did a full system scan and it caught a trojan horse i closed all my programs and hit fix it said the computer had to restart i let it restart and it stopp at the windows XP screen with that blue bar so i turned off and on the computer it finally went to the users i wen to mine typed in password and then my background shows up but all the icons are gone even the toolbar.

What do i do?

Hi just lettin you know you can try CS4 adobe photoshop for free(and legal) from adobe themselves, all you need to do is create an account I have done this myself for one of my assignments.

Just lettin you know for when you get the problem solved.

Does Ctrl+Alt+Del work? if it comes up try going to file -> run(new task) and type in explorer.exe and press enter.

It'll teach you not to download anything that's got anything to do with Torrent. Hacked software often punishes pirateers because it has itself been tojaned.

Serves you right - to labour the point.

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if you can access safe mode try to do system restore...if can't help downloading torrent..check the comments of the people who downloaded the file..
to play safe use legal ones...

Yeah yeah i know to check the comments and stuff i was in a rush though and 100x were downloading it when i was. i don't torrent a lot because i don't download a lot.

This is a thread to help me not criticize me Suspishio.

Also i went into safe mode and the same thing it's a blank screen all the works is Ctrl+Alt+Del.

Explorer.exe might have been deleted or just not started. Hit control+alt+del, go to file->New Task (Run...). Type in "explorer" without quotes. If it says "Windows cannot find 'explorer'", then it was deleted by the trojan. You might have to get an install disk to fix that... DO NOT DOWNLOAD PIRATED SOFTWARE!!!! 99.99999999% OF THE TIME IT WILL HAVE SOME KIND OF MALWARE ON IT.

try to plug-in your hdd to a USB external enclosure and scan through another pc, check if it will do good for you..

I typed in the explorer and hit ok nothing happened the windows task manager just closed and thats the same when using the exe and the end. i might just have to reinstall windows.

Task manager closed?. I think you have some sort of malware that closed task manager. You need to do something like what cguan_77 said. Booting Linux from a CD and scanning your hard drive would also work.

Is there any way to get a windows xp disk? like as cheap or free as possible? one that isn't copyed and will work perfectly?

OK ty ill just make do with what i ahve for now either i can get my dad to get a vista or ill save up from my summer job
thank you for your help.