I am running windows XP and would like to do a system restore to try to fix a problem I am having with my computer,but when I go into Sytem Restore it will not let me choose anything but a date from January and I would like to go back farther than that,any reason why this would be giving me a problem?

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i just checked on my version of XP and mine wont let me go back to december, i guess its coz of it being a new year and it usually doesnt need to keep the previous year as it will create restore points at intervals anyway, what is the problem and perhaps there might be another way to fix it, there is a chance that System restore might not fix it

If you want to have System Restore Points to use, you actually have to SET the things!

By default, Windows creates restore points at regular intervals, but it only retains them for a limited period of time. After that period has expired, the earlier restore points will be overwritten and only the more recent ones retained. But user created restore points are retained permanently, so it's up to the user to ensure that Restore points are created at a time when the system is in tip-top order.

Hum thats intersting,because I have made a system restore point back in the summer when my sytem was good and healthy,but I can not go back any further than January.