Hi, i resently attempted to put in a modem, and when i did the comp started uyp fine except when at windows it froze up. So i took out the modem and started the comp up, and now it wont go passed the spec screen( the screen after the very first screeen when you turn computer on) it just shows a black screen after the specs load, i dont know what could be wrong please help.....i got windows xp pro if it helps :S

It sounds to me like something else came loose when you removed the modem card. Double check all your cables and reseat the video card for starters.

I agree! you might've accidentally touched something inside your PC. most of the time it's the video card but just to be sure reseat other cables as well, and all those other stuff you have inside too.. oh! and don't forget the Memory modules too...

i found what was wrong, apparently if i left the comp on for like about 5 min it showed a error message saying a system file is missing or corrupt and it cant boot up....so i guess a old modem on a new motherboard = bad bad bad :)

thanks for the help tho