I'm in WinXP on a Sony VAIO. I have cable Internet with a Linksys CM100 modem and a Linksys WRT150N router. These cooperate well enough so that I'm watching IPTV right now wirelessly. My connection is secured by WPA TKIP.

However, my laptop wireless connection is broken. (I'm connected by Ethernet to my router now.) Before securing the connection, my laptop connection worked very well wirelessly. But on a support call to get IPTV working, I uninstalled my wireless device on the laptop. When I tried to reinstall it, it couldn't find the device. So I went to the Sony site and downloaded the driver, then installed it.

Can anyone help me reconnect my WLAN device wirelessly to the router?

I suppose I could roll back my laptop, but I'd prefer to not do that.

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were you able to detect the wireless connection on your laptop or not? what's the scenario right now, any errors or what?


Yes, I solved it: I just rolled my system back about a week, and it's OK now. I still have some problems to solve, but it generally works.


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