Hi all,
Please guide me how can I solve this newly appeared thret on my PC.
It seems that the subject matter has infected my computer but I can not detect it and remove.
Some malfunctionalities occur while working; such as:
Disabling some features of WINXP like: system restore, system properties, run window, registry editor and etc.
All good suggestions to remove it and regain stable functionalities are welcome.
Many thanks in advance.

Malwarebyte's Antimalware is a pretty good product. You can download it here: www.malwarebytes.com

Dear Eric,
Thanks for your suggestion, I have downloaded it from another source as the link you provided seems to be broken.
Anyway it has not stisfied me of its function.
Do you have any further suggestion?
Thanks very much.

Try to download AVG..

Admiring your kindness, I should say that the older version of AVG which I installed did nothing for me and newly downloaded version wiped out everything in my HDD but the virus/worm/trojan.
Please let me know other experiences that you may have.
Thanks for all.

If you post in the virus and other nasties forum, with a HJT log, you should get some very good help.

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