I have windows ME on this computer and I like to put Windows 2000
can you tell me what steps I will need to do.
Will need a step by step help

newbee here


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Here are the following procedures I would take and I will assume you are
installing win2k professional.
1. Run a couple of spyware and adware programs to make sure there
is no spyware or adware hanging out there to pollute your install.
i would suggest using for spyware SpyBot and for
addware try this Ad-Ware.
2. I would also suggest downloading Hijack This and run it next, the
Web Site. Then go here
to get the Hijack Log, run it and save it and read it, tells you about whats what
on your current system. If you run into questions just post hijack log
on forum and someone will explain it to you.
3. Next I would open explorer and make sure i have minumum of 10gig
of free harddrive space. If not well as they say good luck.
4. Now click the start button and select run and type in msconfig.
Click on the startup tab and uncheck all the boxes except the
system trey and click apply then ok. ME will reboot and place
a check in the box that says donot show this screen on start up.
5. Click on start and select shut down and turn off computer, and
"along comes murphy" a joke, restart ME and place your win2k cd
and do the install.
6. Hint, log on administrator and for the time being donot enter a
password just in case something goes wrong.
7. If this was a new install on a virgin system i would suggest NTFS
but since it is a upgrade i would suggest that you donot just so
your current files and programs donot get scrambled, for what
ever reason, Murphys Law.
Well that is all there is to the step by step procedure, took longer
to type than to do or read these steps. Hope this helps, Flixx.

If you happen to have all the installation CDs for the applications you have I'd suggest a fresh install of the system. This is so because upgrades usually carry their previous problems to the new upgraded OS.

Format and fresh install is by far the preferred method. Ensure you back up dat to external media beforehand, if you don't wish to lose it.

thank you for all your help

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