I have tried to repair windows (after i had a virus come through) with the xp cd and now windows will not start and i have been told to format.

So i have plugged my hard drive into a friend's computer and can view the files, but cannot access the admin (my account) folder under documents and settings. Is there anyway to access this folder using my friend's computer?

you could try this ,it may or may not help!!

Gaining access to your old data depends on which version of XP you are on.
It is easier if you are running XP Pro, but can be done in XP Home also.
No need to reinvent the wheel, so we'll use the Resolution info on this Microsoft page.

To resolve this issue, you must turn off Simple File Sharing, and then take ownership of the folder:
1. Turn off Simple File Sharing:
a. Click Start, and then click My Computer.
b. On the Tools menu, click Folder Options, and then click the View tab.
c. Under Advanced Settings, click to clear the Use simple file sharing (Recommended) check box, and then click OK.
2. Right-click the folder that you want to take ownership of, and then click Properties.
3. Click the Security tab, and then click OK on the Security message, if one appears.
4. Click Advanced, and then click the Owner tab.
5. In the Name list, click your user name, Administrator if you are logged in as Administrator, or click the Administrators group.

If you want to take ownership of the contents of that folder, click to select the Replace owner on subcontainers and objects check box.
6. Click OK.

You may receive the following error message, where Folder is the name of the folder that you want to take ownership of:
You do not have permission to read the contents of directory Folder. Do you want to replace the directory permissions with permissions granting you Full Control? All permissions will be replaced if you press Yes.
7. Click Yes.
8. Click OK, and then reapply the permissions and security settings that you want for the folder and the folder contents.

If you are running XP Home it is a bit more difficult.
You have to boot into SAFE MODE by pressing F8 while the computer boots, then log onto an administrator account.

Once you are logged on you can follow the same Microsoft page instructions listed above.
(Just skip the part about turning off "simple file sharing")

You can change ownership to be just your administrator account or to the Administrator Group, so all admin accounts will have access to the data.
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