Ok,so I've been messing with Win 7,Vista Home Premium and Ultimate.
First off...Windows 7 flies! My question is...does vista Ultimate eat more performance than Home Premium? Because I had HP for 3 days with a patch for dream scenes...now I have Ultimate and its definately slower,especially when I can barely run the same dreamscenes from HP.Just altogether seems slower....any comments?

I don't think it's necessarily slower, but anytime you add new features there's the potential. You can run Ultimate with all the same things active as HP; or you can turn the extra features on, use the added programs, and whatever other things make it twice as much. With every extra component running I'm sure it would be slower.

Thanks Oly...but I have installed both. Premium ran awesome,and I applied the patch for dreamscenes thats floating around and it made no difference in performance. Then I installed Ultimate and it all together seemed sluggish. Then I used the already installed dreamscenes and it made using the pc totally impractical...hmm. Guess I'll just stick to Premium.

Its all the same OS under the hood. Probably just a bug in dreamscene.

jbennet is probably closer to the mark than anything. Aside from minor differences, the Premium vs. Ultimate is the same beast in terms of motor. Now, 32bit vs. 64bit can make all the difference depending on what the application was coded for.

Shouldnt make much difference any more. They are the 99% the same codebase, mainly just compiled differently. Vista uses vista for the core of both the 32 and 64 bit editions unlike "xp pro 64" which was riddled with compatibility issues as it was based on Server 2003.

32 bit programs generally run the same on 64 bit systems, because of WoW (windows on windows)

Oh, I did not know that. I always understood that even if an application worked in Vista 64, it might have problems depending on how it was coded if it was not specifically designed for a 64bit OS.

Hey, I learn something new everyday. :)

Nah theres a compatibility layer called WoW (windows on windows) to run 32 bit programs.

Same thing existed on XP for running 16 bit dos programs, and NT4 has a layer for running OS2 apps.