Well i don't know what to do with this.I'm trying to go into some java chat rooms but messages say that my browser is not java enabled.How to enable my browser for java? When I installed microsoft visual studio 2000 the microsoft java vm replaced the previous versions and i have tried to get the java software from sun's site.the installation goes fine but while setup,in the middle,another error message says that http://www.somethingjava.com/files can not accessed as a network location.Can anyone give me the download site for java applet or tell me how to enable my ie browser for java?
I'm trying to use my netscape browser but that doesn't seem to work either.When the chatpage is supposed to load,nothing happens and no message comes up.i see something like this at the bottom of the page:
Applet parachat can't init : NEW
if someone knows how to find which version of ie or netscape i am running and how to change the java settings tell me plz.