when ever I highlite some pictures in my pictures folder, in order to copy them into another folder, I get duplications of those pics. in my pictures folder. Today I downloaded some music files and were stored in shared folder and when I highlited several of them to move to my play list in media player the samething happened to the tune of several copies before I quit.
am I the only one who has ever had this problem? If not can someone help me on how to stop that from happening?

I've haven't seen or heard of that particular (and rather weird) behaviour before.

What exact version of Windows are you using, and is there any further history/information that you can give us concerning the problem (when it started to happen, if you had made any software adds/deletes/upgrades around that time, etc.)?

Hi, did you ever get an adequate response to your duplicate picture problem? My wife's computer is doing the same thing. In fact it will sometimes make as many as 29 copies of the same picture.
Appreciate your help