I'm rebuilding my sisters computer for her and have come up against a shutdown or powerdown (whatever it's called) issue. Everytime I try to shutdown everthing seems to go okay to begin with, ie it logs off and then saves settings but then it says windows is shutting down and it just hangs. I end up either rebooting with the reset switch or hold the power button in untill it shuts down. I know its not a critical problem but it is very irritating. I have tried everything I can think of and browsed the web for ages looking for an answer.

The machine in question is a Medion (model PC MT5)?
with an Intel P4 2.8Ghz processor and the O/S is windows xp home edition

I have had to reboot this computer due to her son messing with it and have managed to sort out most of the problems except for this one.

I know it makes a difference (just dont know what difference: :o ) about APM or ACPI. This machine doesnt have a tab for APM so I gather its ACPI that I have to find out about. Everywhere I look on the web it tells me how to cure the shutdown hanging issue for the Advanced Power Management but nothing (as yet) for Advanced Configuration and Power Interface. To be truthful thats all I know about ACPI, whats its called :o
So if any of you kind people could help it would be very much appreciated.

Thanx pcpalct I'll certainly look into this. But its late and I'm knackered and it looked complicated. As you may have geussed I'm a newbie so I want to make sure I get it 100% right. Again thanx for taking the time to reply I'm very grateful