Some time a go PC Dr did a repair job on my Compaq Presario 900 and as part of this they created a copy directory of "my documents" directory called "owners documents". This directory replications all documents and transactions (create, copy, delete) of "my documents". I can't see the point of it but it means I use twice as much memory as I really need to. It wasn't an issue until I started using a iPod so now have lots of music files etc.

I would like to undo this directory so that it stops replicating. Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks


They probably created this copy to ensure your docs weren't lost. Typically, I'll create a copy and then copy it back to the PC when reinstall the OS.
This has no effect on your memory usage, but it does take up a lot of HD space.
I doubt that it's replicating itself, but I suppose that's possible.
In any case, if you're sure you have copies of everything, just delete "Owner's Documents."

try renaming the folder "owner's documents" or moved it to a new folder...check if it will stop updating or adding new files...