Some time a go PC Dr did a repair job on my Compaq Presario 900 and as part of this they created a copy directory of "my documents" directory called "owners documents". This directory replications all documents and transactions (create, copy, delete) of "my documents". I can't see the point of it but it means I use twice as much memory as I really need to. It wasn't an issue until I started using a iPod so now have lots of music files etc.

I would like to undo this directory so that it stops replicating. Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks


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They probably created this copy to ensure your docs weren't lost. Typically, I'll create a copy and then copy it back to the PC when reinstall the OS.
This has no effect on your memory usage, but it does take up a lot of HD space.
I doubt that it's replicating itself, but I suppose that's possible.
In any case, if you're sure you have copies of everything, just delete "Owner's Documents."


try renaming the folder "owner's documents" or moved it to a new folder...check if it will stop updating or adding new files...

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