Windows XP SP2 . ALL Desktop Icons and toolbar disappear when using AOL. PS , AOL is still usable after desptop disappears. I have to go to the task manager and restart to get the desktop back. PS, I checked Show desktop icons and it's is checked, help what to do ?

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have you scan the HDD for viruses?what happens when you uninstall AOL?if its still the same than a virus scan is almost a definite


Mcafee runs constantly on my desk top and I have scanned my harddrive and no virus are there. I also run CounterSpy and it also shows nothing.


ohk Mav52 Im I did some research specially for you so hope I can make you happy and alternatively solve your prob with this info:

1)download superantispyware and run a full system scan [If it finds a vundo virus cleans,quarantine it than you may be well on your way for a winner]

2)seems explorer.exe crashes link

Ill stick with you on this one so post reply

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