I recently reformatted my HD and reinstalled Win XP home. Immediately it began to take a while to start up. It gets stuck on the loading Win XP page. (the one where the little bubble goes across the screen.) I have tried everything that i can imagine except for doing another clean install. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it.


jason i have ran into problems like this before and it sucks I know. what you first need to find out is if you have installed a video card that was not stock with the computer, because if you have the video card that you installed will not work untill reinstalled thus you must use the onboard video. next, i would try to think if there may have been any type of conflict during the installation of windows which (trust me) happen a lot more then you think. If the problem is not hardware related which I don't think and hope it is not, your best bet is to reinstall windows. But, before you do dig around and look for floppy drivers that you may need for your hard drive. I say this because you may of had a problem during the reformatting and the hard drive could now be having problems with the bios. These are all likely problems but not for sure. If you reinstall windows and the problem continues. I suggest doing the above choices.

hope this helps. good luck!