I'm trying to use my Brother MFC8840D all-in-one as a network printer from Win 64. I have it connected with a hub, but can't make anything happen.

I've tried to use their out-of-date manual and the latest (but not new) drivers, set a default IP address on the machine, but nothing.

Can anyone give me any direction on this?

Thanks guys!

I have an XP 64 PC conected to a Switch which also serves out the DSL.

You will need the 64 bit drivers for the printer. These are available on the Brother web site.

Then you install aprinter from the Control Panel and define where your drivers are sitting.

Let us know.

Thanks. I had tried that and nothing works.

just make sure you keep your ip address for the printer static, otherwise it could change, and depending on how you set your defaults, if it is not static, it could create issues.....good luck!

Are you manually adding the printer or does the driver software automatically do the printer installation? If it's the latter, be sure to run the setup as administrator and you may also want to disable windows' firewall(at least for the install)

.... and can you now please describe in more detail "nothing works"?

Is the printer visible as a device?
If so, what does the spooler manager report when you try to print?

If not, what does the installer report?

Information please.

the ip address that you set on your printer...try to ping that on your pc.. to check the connectivity of your pc and the printer.... if ping is successful... then you should be able to print...

I would first start pinging, if that fails re install the software if you can