When I check the properties of my C drive I see I have used roughly 11.0 Gig. However when I open the drive and 'add up' the sizes of the files there (from windows to my documents etc) I only get 4.0 Gig in use. The other 7.0 is apparently missing. When I search my system for large files I find nothing. Is this normal or do I have a big file hiding somewhere?

Are you 'adding up' the file sizes or the folder sizes?

I'm adding up the folder sizes. Most of the 4gig is made up of my docs, windows and my programme files. I've never noticed this till recently but it looks wrong to me. My attention was drawn because I recently started working with DVD files and wanted the extra space to allow for processing. Thought I may have one 'lost' in the system somewhere but I'll be damned if I can find one! I'm not new to computers by any means but I'm stumped here.

Thanks for replying.

Tough question to answer...

My base system XP is 4 gigs...
That is OS plus Office, Browser, IRC, and basics..

If you are playing with DVD's you could quickly lose 7 to 10 gigs and they are not just one big file.

Have you checked for smaller files with vob cue or iso extensions...

They are probably in a default folder under whatever tool you use for DVD's

Hope that helps

Thanks for replying guys...I've found the slippy little buggers! Remarkably the were in the recycle bin, set to hold only 1 gig and not restored by the disc clean-up I ran before posting this thread or, indeed, found by system search. Explain that one I dare you!

What was it he said 'once you eliminate the impossible whatever remains, however inprobable, must............ Holmes or someone.

Cheers all.

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