Hi all, sorry to bother you with this. After 1 month of going nowhere with their Tech support I decided to find the solution elsewhere:
the web site: https://www.rdprm.gouv.qc.ca/
It's basically a governmental web site where you fill / send forms for vehicles reclamations, stuff like that.
The web site seems to be mainly java based. The forms as well (you can see how their forms look like,
just to get an idea of what could be the issues I'll expose later -- in the bottom left square of their front web site
where it's written "Visionnez la capsule multimedia".
Here are the issues:
problem #1: From within their forms. you'd click on a link to open another attached form and the 1st form would close
immediately. You then end up with a message warning that 'another window is opened and should be closed before
consulting the attached document/link". I can't do anything from there because physically the initial windows has shuts itself
off automatically. I tried enabling popups in Internet Explorer with their website as an exception (as they suggested), but it
wont work. I disabled popup-blocker, but in vain.
problem #2: I use that web site with a secured USB key certificate (linked to a Java based Entrust True Pass Applet
from following link ->
Sometimes, as soon as I key in my username and password, you will see Internet Explorer searching and searching endlessly for minutes.
problem #3: on their forms (please see the multimedia presentation that shows you the type of forms they use, so that you can probably have an idea of what may be behind the issue with those forms - the presentation is at the bottom left square of their front web site
where it's written "Visionnez la capsule multimedia"), you always get error "memory line 6" as soon as you try saving the form.
If a field correspond to xxx, you need to change that field for yyy, go back to xxx and then the form will be saved without that error.
I have followed all pre-requesites they asked me:
-Ie6 and + (I have IE 6.0.2, SP3, 128 bits)
-Latest Java from Sun
-.Net Framework 2 and 3
-Windows XP
Both I and their technical support are out of solution (keep re-installing IE, Windows XP, Java, Enable/disable popup-blocker, playing around with all possible settings in IE...the issues are still around). Thanks a lot.

works for me in ie7 and firefox ,do you try right clicking on a link and chose open in new windows and see what happens .have you tried firefox browser !

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