When closing down Windows XP Home I have the message that it is having problems closing down the above file/program ccSvcHst. I belive it is a Symantec program and I do have NIS 2009 installed. I'm just done a complete reinstall of everything so it is annoying to have this message coming up every time I shut down. Can anyone tell me how to fix it?

That is no problem actually but i do understand it getting on your nerves...Uninstall NIS 2009 from Add/Remove Programs, after that is done download and run the Norton Removal Tool.. It will totally remove all traces of all NIS files including 'ccSvcHst'. Then Reboot your computer and reinstall NIS 09...SHould work smoothly after this :)

So also run a search for the following two files and report back if found...



Sorry for the delay in getting back to you . . .so many other computer problems. But uninstalling and reinstalling NIS didn't get rid of the problem as you said. I haven't found the other files.

Wow..3 Months..You still have the problem??

Yes! It's definitely a Symantec file but I just can't rid of it.