I bought an Aspire 4730Z, and within a week I was having problems with it not working as fast as I thought it should. My other computer is 4 yrs old. I know very little about computers,turn on,off and in between ebay...I did not know how to open the note book had to ask sales person. Please take that into consideration when giving me the help I need. I have been on the phone many times with Acer, usually crying, I get so frustrated, and realize how much I don't understand partly due to my age and learning disabilities. My children has Atari pong. OK Reset ing has not helped I was told to go back to factory settings. I saved all my files and ready to restore factory settings, I read a few posts, but not able to get back to March 11. please help me I am a sweet old lady and will bake you chocolate chip cookies...lol, Renee

New computers usually have a lot of unneccesary software installed on them that considerably slows the pc down. Use Programs and Features in the Control Panel to remove unwanted software. Also, some antivirus software suites eat up a lot of resources. If you have Norton 360 or McAfee, uninstall them and use something lighter like AVG or Avast, which are both free.

Thank you I will do that, are you also saying I should not restore back to original condition? When I got the computer I removed all the games and anything I thought I would not use. Renee

To make this a bit less annoying, first off, instead of rebooting, try Ctrl + Alt + Del to access the task manager, then end the explorer.exe, if listed. Then go to File - New Task (Run) and type 'explorer.exe' and hit enter to get everything running again, hopefully. At least until you try to right-click again. This should help hold you over.

Go to Start - Run and type sfc.exe /scannow ---then hit Enter.