Hi! Does anyone know of a "Safe" (I got hit with adware after downloading something so that's what I mean by safe, a place that doesn't attach unwanted barnacles to its software) for free ware in the creative realm (paint programs, animation programs, etc.)


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Most of those hitchhikers are included in the software itself, not atached to it by the site you download it from ;)

Choose your software wisely, and avoid programs which carry passengers. Post a topic in our Viruses and nasties forum section for advice about how to determine if a program is free of passengers before you download it.

Thanks, Catweazle! Trouble is I don't know WHERE exactly to go to sample some of what's out there. I've always used store-bought stuff, it is only know that I'm learning that there is also a whole new world out there. . .
I'll see what I can find and I'll submit it for review.
Thank you again.

The best approach to take, goodtaste, is to only ever download and install what you need to use, or what you wish to learn to use. Don't download and install software simply because it's free!

Identify a task you want to use your PC for. There's software available for just about anything, although really specialised jobs usually require software which comes at a price. You can even, for example, find programs to help you plan out model train track layouts, or to convert pictures to cross-stitch patterns!

Use Google or another search engine to locate software titles for the job. Then search for reviews of those titles. Read PC magazines regularly, and address specialised question in forum topics to find out more.

When you decide on programs, always download them from theri official website, rather than through a 3rd party.

That's the most sensible and safe approach you can take!

Thank you, Catweazle, very good suggestions!
By the way, I am interested in a software that will turn photos into crossword charts. I don't do crosswords, but I knit and crochet for charity and that would come in handy to make patterns. So I'll see if I can find a freeware one. Do you think I should look in Google?
Thanks again and take care! :)

A search engine such as Google is useful for finding just about anything! But you need to be careful with your search criteria. For example, I'm sure you refer to 'cross-stitch' there, rather than 'crossword'.

By the way, I've used convert photo to knitting pattern and turn photo into knotting pattern and uncovered nothing of worth, I'm afraid. You'll need to be more creative than I was with your search.

Thank you very much for all your advice, it is REALLY appreciated! I used to get into all kinds of computer trouble until I discover this forum, you guys have taught me soooooo much. I'm still learning and I do appreciate your willingness to share what you know.
God bless you! :)

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