I'm looking to have a text chat with someone that's migrated their business class WinXP users to Vista.

My current user base of 25 has WinXP and for reasons of security I'm trying to decide:
a) on going to Vista now and then upgrading to Win7 when a stable version is available
b) or waiting for Win7 when it comes out

Ideally, you would have done this upgrade with one of these case scenarios:
a) a user base of 25 to 100
b) a user base of 101 to 250
c) a user base of 251 and up

I'm wanting to know how it went and:
a) How long did it take?
b) What were the unforeseen problems?
c) What hardware platform were the machines coming from e.g. Duo-Core, Older P3's, how much RAM, Processor speed etc.

Any help sharing your experience would be greatly appreciated.

Vista when it was released was supposed to be so secure that you could run it without antivirus!!!
The reality was somewhat different. 70% of viruses needed no modification to run on Vista. Workarounds for were easily found to circumvent Vistas security settings. SP1 failed to stop all the security issues.
I am unconvinced that SP2 will be the magic bullet for windows security.

Kevin Turner is just pushing the message out to reassure the ill informed that all is well. I am not reassured. I will stick to Linux for my serious computing. For now, Vista remains unused on a partition of my laptop hard drive.