i have a slight problem here. basically my wife got a nasty virus and i bought norton to remove it. norton got rid of it just fine. so i went to setup a new hard drive for her as hers was too small and running out of room anyway. got through the windows XP pro install and got the IE working along with all the mother board periferalls. thought that i should install Norton antivirus for protection. well it wouldn't update. it gave me three options to fix it the last of which was something about resetting the dns servers. well none of the previous fixes did anything so i tried the last one and now i can't connect to the internet. this computer connects through a router which another computer is connected to. that computer has no problems getting on the internet. after doing the diagnostic it tells me i have no DNS servers. i'm really at a loss as to where to go with this and how to fix it. norton support people have been no help.

Norton is rubbish, get rid of that crapware. Install Avast antivirus from here - http://www.avast.com/eng/download-avast-home.html, it's free and far far superior to Norton.

For your connection problem, go into your internet settings within IE and hit the reset.

did you install drivers for the network card ,
right click on mycomputer /properties /device manager and check to make sure all was install correctly,make sure you have no ! or red X's on any of your devices

Open cmd (Start/Run/cmd) and try the following command :
'ipconfig/registerdns' and then see if things come back to normal....

OK i've tried resetting the settings and that did not work. yes all my drivers are installed correctly and there are no red x's in the system configuration. and i tried the Ipconfig/registerdns and that did not work either. when i did the ipconfig in the command line the screen flashed really quickly and i couldn't really tell if it did anything.

From the computer that is working run start/run/cmd.
Then type in ipconfig /all
It will tell you what the dns server ip addresses are for the card on that computer.
write down those addresses and then do the following:
On the computer that is not on the internet right click on the network icon in the systray click on status then properties
scroll to the bottom click on tcp/ip then properties,
at the bottom there is a place to put in the dns addresses click ok and test.