We seem to have a problem with IIS on our portal/intranet server. I will try and explain the situation now.

Usually users are able to connect to the portal/intranet page by following the link to http://servername/portal. However, since restarting the server this morning users have be unable to access this way. Instead they are having to follow the link via IP e.g. This in istelf has caused us a few problems. IIS seems to be running fine on the server (we have restarted the IIS and dependant services) however users are still unable to connect using the naming feature. It is as if the name of the IIS server is not recognised as when trying to connect remotely using the "servername" we are unable to do so. As with the portal link, we can connect remotely using the IP address.

I have very little knowledge of IIS so any help or insight into the problem would be much appreciated.


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could be a couple problems

make sure your dns server is up, also just try to ping the dnsname from another computer

if all that is good, then time to start checking iis

open iis and click on your site, and then check bindings
see if it is listening on the ip hostname, or a dnsname

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