Hello All,
This is my first time on this forum and I am really hoping (maybe praying would be more accurate)
That someone can help me and fast.
I have a server that was just sent halfway around the world. It is running Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition with IIS 6.
I am running an ASP.Net site version 2.0.
All’s well until it came time to try and secure it.
Changed the port from 80 to 443 or whatever it was and went about trying to create a self-signed certificate.
Bear with me here as I am somewhat well versed in other areas, DB’s Design, etc but this is first time I ever had to do this and the wizard only screwed me up.
It kept want to put in a request for a certificate versus a self signed one.
I essentially turned it over to someone else who had done this before and he said he could do it.
I just heard back and from what I can understand, he clicked something wrong here or there and bottom line is it has a certificate that does not belong to that machine.
I don’t know how he did it and I don’t care. I only care about two things and that is 1) getting rid of the certificate that is there (deleting it, destroying it or whatever) and 2) creating a self signed one.
Actually let me add one more request if the self signed one is not going to work ……..importing an existing one from lord only knows where.
I just need to get it secured with a certificate be it imported, self signed, whatever as quick as possible and need to delete the one that is there now from another machine.
Any and ALL help will be MUCH appreciated.
Oh yea, almost forgot.
The machine is halfway around the world and the only access we idiots have to it is to remote into it with remote desktop.
We cannot get anyone to physically sit in front of the machine to do what needs to be done.
Home that does not make whatever solution any of you come up with any more difficult.

Start -> Run -> type "mmc" -> hit enter

File -> Add/Remove snapin -> click add button -> add the certicate snapin.

Add a snapin for the machine, the current user, and the IIS service account as i dont know which one it is under

Under these snapins you can see all the relevant certifcates and add/delete/modify them.

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