I'm hoping someone will be able to help me with removing W2k from my PC. Currently I am running both W2k and XP on a dual boot. Each OS are on a seperate partition (W2k drive C: & XP drive D:) so removing one from the other shouldn't be a problem in theory. My knowledge of OS is very limited so I will need step by step instructions from someone kind enough to help.

I have read elsewhere that I should delete the entire W2k installation bar one or two files. This would include the boot.ini file that controls my start-up.

What I would like to know is once the W2k installation is deleted, will the XP OS be transferred across to the C:?

Can someone help or perhaps point me in the direction of a web site that covers these issues in great detail.

Thanking you in advance.



No, your WinXP installation will NOT be transferred to the new drive.

Easiest way is to simply delete all the folders on your C: drive, leaving only the files in the root directory of the drive.There will be a few unnecessary files still littering the root directory but they'll take up very little space anyway.

Your drive will boot from the necessary files on C: and locate Windows XP on your D: drive.

You will still be prompted about which OS to boot into, but the unwanted entry can easily be edited out from the boot.ini file.

Thanks for the email.

When you refer to the Root Directory, is this a particular folder?

and when you refer to the boot.ini file, what do I delete and what should I leave be?



The root directory is the lowest level on the drive. (Or highest if you care to think of it that way) When you 'rightclick -> explore' the hard drive from 'My Computer' for example, it's the base level you start at. It's not a folder but the files and folders to be found at the starting point ;)

The boot.ini file will have entries related to both OS's The one for the drive and partition on which Windows XP is installed is the one to leave in place. See also this topic for an alternative method of bypassing the dual-boot message:



I've tried searching for the boot.ini file using the search facility in XP and the computer can't find it.

I beginning to think that reinstalling the OS might be best thing to do.

Can't anyone simplify how this is done.



Make sure that you have 'Search' set to check the entire drive, and not just 'My Documents'

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