hi guys i need your help regarding the problem in my computer everytime i open it.. it displays "c:\windows\system32\dhcpsoc32.dll. either not designed to run on windows or it contains an error."

what could be the possible reason for this and how can i fixed it??? any assistance regarding this problem is highly appreciated guys.. thanx alot!!

That file appears to be a a trojan/backdoor based on a Google search. There is little information about it online. I assume you mean it's a laptop because you say open it. I am guessing this file is located in the start-up of windows. Since you didn't give a lot of information about when this happens or what operating system I would say click start - run and type msconfig. This should bring up the System Configuration Utility. Click on the startup tab and look for that file in the list. If it's there you can un-check the box and click apply. If you're lucky you will stop getting the error.

Good luck and post to let the group know if this solution worked.

hi xpartmgr,

thanx for the data you gave me, but i dont really know what happened or how it started... i just open it and found that error.. i tried ur info but i think i need more luck...i dont see that statement there.. nway my OS is vista..

any update will be a big help.. thanx again...

I think for vista (I don't have it here at work so trying to remember from memory) you click start and type msconfig in the search instead of clicking run in XP. So just click start and type msconfig in the search box at the bottom of your start menu. I think that is right but I've only been using vista for a few weeks. It's been hard to get off XP!

Let the group know if this worked.

i think its the same.. i type "msconfig" in the white board and i also saw the startup tab... i already click on it but i never found in the file in the list "c:\windows\system32\dhcpsoc32.dll" which is an error everytime i open it..

It could be a dependent for another program that is running. This was my best guess. I have in the past unclicked everything in the start-up list and restarted. You can't keep it that way but at least it will tell you if your problem file is coming from your start-up list. With everything unchecked in your start-up if you still get the error than we are looking in the wrong place. If you don't get the error you can check them back on one at a time until you get the error again. This will tell you which one is caused you problems.

I'm sure there is a better method but I don't know what it is.

i have unchecked everything and still the error occurs..based in your assumption it could be in the other part or fucntion and not in the start up.. can you suggest more of ways to resolve this error???

guys any information on how to resolve this problem is again very well appreciated..

thanx alot....

OK....so now we know it isn't in your basic start-up. That doesn't mean it's not still a start-up problem. This item looks like malware to me but I'm not a professional virus remover.

Try this link here

This will walk you through the process of seeing everything that starts when windows starts.

Stupid question but have you ran a virus scanner on this box?