Hi, Not exactly sure that this belongs here but it's my best guess.

We support our own exchange and it's located at our companywebsite.com/exchange. I've been suffering over the fact that I can't seem to get the certificate to work entirely (it always says that the certificate is for another website). Luckily I've come to terms with this and just decided we're going to buy one from godaddy.com

Well, come to find out we have 3 different addresses that you can access exchange through externally. mail.companywebsite.com/exchange; externalIPadd/exchange, and companywebsite.com/exchange. My question to you is could we just put ther certificate on www.companywebsite.com and will it work for all child locations?

If not are there any other suggestions that you could have?


I generate my own certificates from the certificate authority installed on the domain controller but this won't work for external clients that do not trust your internal certificate authority as a valid signer. You can purchase an SSL certificate from godaddy with multiple subdomains, i.e. company.com, www.company.com, mail.company.com and that will handle 2/3 of the scenarios you posted above. As far as I know you cannot purchase an SSL certificate for an IP address... but I would also assume the only people that would navigate to an IP address would be your technical staff anyway? I can't imagine normal users memorizing an IP.