I just started a new job and the computer I was given is having a problem with playing wma and mp3 files. The files play but there is no sound. It will play startup sounds and other program sound files so I know the sound card is good. I tried reinstalling Windows Media Player and it did not help. I installed MusicMatch and have the same problem. I reinstalled all of the sound files that came on the Dell Resource CD for the computer. Does anybody have any other ideas for me to try?

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Which version of Windows do you have? Which version of Windows Media player do you have?

Which version of Windows do you have? Which version of Windows Media player do you have?

I have XP pro and I am not sure which WIndows Media player it is. I ran a diagnostic program on the computer today and all of the tests came back as either a faulty loopback cable or a sound card going bad. It doesn't seem right that it would be a sound card when all of the other sounds play very well. And I am not sure what a "faulty loopback cable" would be. Any help you can give would be appreciated.

What diagnostic program? A loopback cable or loopback plug is a piece of hardware necessary for troubleshooting certain functions of modem, sound, network, etc. cards; if you don't have one installed when you run certain diagnostics, those diags will either fail or complain that they can't be run without the loopback device connected.

Don't bother snuffling through your desk drawers in search of the elusive loopback beasts, though. :mrgreen: They're devices that repair techs will have, but they aren't (usually) something that will be part of the package that an end user gets when they buy a computer or piece of computer equipment

On a simple but often overlooked note:

Have you checked the "mixer" settings for whatever volume control/audio control software you use? These programs have individual volume setting for different sound sources such as CD audio, .wav files, MIDI files, etc. Problems like this are often simply due to having a particular sound source's volume muted or set to zero.

These problems also often occur after additional 'player' software is installed, and settings get changed accidentally or without your knowledge. I'd suggest uninstalling all such software except for media player and then trying to correct the problem by thoroughly checking all the Volume controls (including 'Advanced' settings to see if there are any 'muted' controls as DMR has said.

If your version of Media Player isn't already up-to date, I'd also suggest you get Media Player version 9. A simple check of 'Windows Update' will show if it's available for download to your system, and if so, the version you have will be an earlier one.

hmmmmm didn't read many answers but, are you downloading illegal music man? Because if you download a .wma and it doesn't play or no sound comes out it's because it is now copy protected and your downloading off someone who paid for it on like napster lets say. Something to think about.

Which version of Windows do you have? Which version of Windows Media player do you have?

vindow player 10

vindow player 10

i did'nt dowload anything this are albums i but with my money.you can see it playing but can't hear anytging

I have a new Sony Laptop Windows 7/64
I got nearly crazy with no sound on WMA and PMB
I got sound when I restored to the earlier time I had sound
I got sound whenn I reinstalled the sound Drivers from SONY http://esupport.sony.com/
I lost sound when the updates from Microsoft and .... went over night (Virus ???)
The newest, I learnt that (when wma is open) Ctrl + P brought Sound ON
(and again OFF) Im confused. Please Help me to find the truth!

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Well do the other XP sounds come up, like Logon sound, and the others.

If you use VLC player than You play all types of files play in this media player.

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