Iv spend a few days on forums searching for this and done every option i have found and i habe come up empty. Im using evil vista and i have 2 unprotected networks im trying to connect 2
Linksys works just fine but has a really crappy connection speed and the belkin54g one is 5 bars and i can connect 2 it but its access is local only and i have never been able 2 do more then look at my homepage the super rare times it does work. I have access to the routers homepage and can mess with all those settings I have turned off IPv6 and i have ipconfig docs for linksys and belkin Ill add at the end. a diagnostic run told me it had something 2 do with either wan being turned off or something similar

What do i have to do 2 step by step 2 get it working?

Stuff.txt is Linksys
Stuff on net.txt is Belkin

I can't do it step by step but at first glance it looks like the Belkin list of DNS servers is screwed. Try putting the as first in the list.

The forum in qwest.com might provide additional detail.

One question I have to ask (as most users who know better don't run unprotected networks) - are the networks you're trying to connect to even yours??