Hi, I have recently installed windows 7 build 7201 and i cant find windows 7 dockbar anywhere i always see it in screenshots of windows 7 , Can anyone tell me how to find or get it ??

Thanks in advanced

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this is not what i mean what i see in screenshots is like rocketdock in windows xp your link is for the improved taskbar


So superbar is the taskbar OK this one is easy to find :D:D
but that one which seems like Rocketdock in windows xp i cant find it , I think what i see is a separated software am i right ??


Thanks now i am sure that it is a seperate software
Again , thanks for the help


I think you may have been confusing with recent Dell releases, as they have recently bundled in a RocketDock type utility of their own... may be where the confusion has arisen.


So, I use Windows 7 at work on a Dell. Just got my new Gateway laptop yesterday and was looking for the Dock Bar, too. Does this mean I just don't get to have it?

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