hi all plz read below carefully
All pc are connected in lan where one is win server wher i am sharing a file to give permission to a perticular user, structure is as follows
1)a)created one folder with name "test".b)shared with full permission for 10 user
c)under security tab clicked on advanced & unchecked allow inheritance.& added all the 10 users.

2)a)created another subfolder 'time' in "test".
b)under security again i followed step1 c but only with 5 users

3)finally i created one excel sheet in 'time' folder.b)under security in advanced i unchecked allow inheritance & given full permission to only user1.
now the problem i m facing is whenver user1 open that file frm his pc, edit & save. that time i checked security of that excel file on the server & it was showing full permission to all 5 users. please give me solution to avoid this file from access to all remaining users.

Thank You

The user probably copied the file to his local pc, edited it, and then copied it back. When he put it back in the folder it inherited the 5 user permissions.

no no they are not copying on their local machine, they are accessing server folder &
editing & saving but as soon as they save permission are changing.

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