I played with registry long ago and would not like to mess up with it (since I'm no longer as expert as I used to be:) ) help me colleagues to add comodo internet security to make it start with windows. I checked configuration and I don't see the option as Comodo user guide says.

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Are there any entries for Comodo listed in the System Configuration panel (msconfig)??

Just make sure is not disabled first before doing anything else

Also, may need to go into Comodo's Program folder and set cfp.exe to run as Admin via properties window


I did configuration and it found some problems and fixed them. I ran again and it found none. Now my Question is, does it run as normal process or as service?



Sorry Crunchie, but WRONG.

In MSConfig, the only entry under the services tab, is for Comodo is a helper service (at least in Vista/Win7)

In Task Manager, the critical entry is under the Processes tab. Not that either matters if you can't get running

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