HI there.

im doing a home study course in pc repair and upgrading and i am stuck on one particular part of my course, entitled 'hard drive theory and practice. :sad: i have looked in the text book and i cant find the answers in there. i've even tried looking on the net but to no avail. you are my last hope :sad:

ok these aspects are what i am stuck on. firstly I need to know what are the 7 components of directory entries. Are they as follows: batch, disable, diskpart, enable, fixboot, fixMBR, listsys. i really am unsure.

secondly i need to know the meanings of these FAT entries:

lastly what are the 9 steps to rebuilding the system. i think its talking about rebuilding the file system or the Operating system but again im not sure. something is swaying me towards the file system.

please please please help. anything is greatly appreciated. even a website where i might be able to go to.


Hi Janine,

You've mentioned that you've looked on the internet, and caperjack has recommended that you use Google to do so. I have to wonder abour your internet search techniques. If you're simply typing some text into a search box and pressing the 'Search' button, then perhaps you need to refine your techniques a little.

Have a read of this article:


where I've discussed the basic principles of using Search tools. It may help you. Be creative with the search terms and techniques you use. Don't hesitate to use further searches, based on information and key terms in what you read, rather than simply 'surfing' links from sites your initial search has uncovered.


thanks catweasle. read your article. unfortunately i am using the search criterion that was specified in my course. maybe it needs updating but i'll look further obviouisly

thanks for those websites dhl. they were pretty useful i've only had a quick looksie at the moment but i will look more in depth later on when i have some peace.

forgot to say. if i get anything else i am unsure of i'll be back

Hey Janine, if you want to add or change something to your post, within about 15 minutes of posting it, just hit the Edit button instead of creating a new post :)

sorry. i have had a look around on the internet and apart from those sites that you specified i cant find anything really relevant.

can somebody please just tell me what steps i need to take and i know this is going to seem a silly question but is recovery console just another name for rebuilding the file system. i have seen alot about recovery console but nowt about rebuilding the file system.


That's just one of the links I immediately found by using the search techniques described in the article I linked.

You really DO need to learn better internet search techniques, Janine. I don't care WHAT your course instructor says, effective information searching is something that anyone who is involved in repairing and upgrading PCs needs to have in their 'toolbox', and that includes looking beyond the first few results returned from a search.

Here's some other searches:

FAT structure
Directory entry structure

The question about 'Steps' to rebuilding obviously refers to the content of your coursework. It will be a description of the process according to the coursework author's description, and the way they personally have presented the information. Different people organise the information they write down in different ways. Just because the authors of that coursework have referred to the process, it doesn't necessarily follow that EVERYONE involved with PCs will describe and refer to the process in the same way. Sometimes, you can only find the answer to a specific question in the textbook. :D

i know exactly what you are saying catweasle but at the end of the day i havent had a great deal of time to have a proper look. i think i might have found most of what i am looking for now anyway. i have downloaded the websites to a cd and will have a look at them tomorrow when i am not quite so busy.

anyway, thanks for the other search criterion. the answer wasnt in the text book but if i cannot find it i'll be taking a trip to the library to have a look at their more 'in depth' books. never know there might be something just going by the title of the module im stuck on or something similar. that wont be til tuesday though. i'll let you know how i progress.

little update for all you extremely helpful chappies out there. i have found what i want for now.

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