My name is Marty and this is my first time on this site or any other forum and I am basically a beginner. My problem is that while trying to type this......... it drops out and a window appears that I am unable to red cross it out or right click, delete. I cannot even drag it. Its frozen on screen and blocks out just about everything.
In the window is ........ "antivirus + - Windows Internet Explorer and nothing else. The only way I found to get rid of this is to open Windows Task Manager,,,, find it... right click then end program now and then delete it. But it keeps coming back after a short while. I imagine this is a virus and can someone help me on how to get rid of this completely?

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Try downloading malware bytes, this is basicly a virus detection and deletion program as apose to an anti virus.

Can you give some more details on your system and anti-virus etc?


Could either be a crappy AV (resource overload causing a freeze), or a form of malware trying to either fight back or locking up system to prevent removal.

As well as MalwareBytes, would recommend HijackThis - use thi to run a full scan and post this request for assistance, along with a FULL copy of HJT log in the "Viruses, Spyware and other Nasties" board for best results in troubleshooting (as is dedicated to such problems).

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