Is it okay to run more than one antivirus software on a single machine or would than bring a conflict of some sorts while scanning for viruses. I intended to run svg (free download) and norton but am still reluctant

It is not a good idea to run two different AntiVirus programs at once, because of not only the conflict, but one could confuse another..

Oh! thankyou. But can I run different ones on different machines on the same network

But can I run different ones on different machines on the same network?

Yes, and that actually might be a good idea. You can use one to cross-check another; if a virus is caught on one--but not the other, you would know that one virus checker was weak or not up-to-date. It would be slightly more maintenance (keeping 'em straight), but the network would be more secure as a result.

If the PCs on the network are similarly provisioned, it would also allow comparisons as to effectiveness and resource usage between programs.

Once in a while it is good to run the online antivirus. Trendmicro housecall is good enough.

you can run 2 different antivirus ( i am) it all depends on the programs, if you are installing one and it detect the other and advised you to remove it, it would not be a good idea to continue with the installation UNLESS you allow the new install to remove the old Av that was there already.

Personally i have run Mcafee Enterprise and Norton Corporate NEVER had a conflict. Presently i am running MCafee Enterprices with AVG Free and spyware terminator with

JUST a personal note ther is no one completed Antivirus program that will detect and proteect you for EVERY SINGLE instances of virus, trojan, malware and spyware. there were the online scanner comes in use from each site once per week

I use, Norts IS 2007 (although i hate the damn thing), AVG free, Spybot S&D and Comodo firewall, and no conflicts.

Question....why would you want 2 antivirus's programs on 1 computer? Wouldn't it cause a lot of competition for CPU %

Not CPU time, but RAM would get used a lot. CPU would get drained however if you ran a scan with them at the same time. Otherwise with normal running of your computer your RAM would get used up.

RAM - CPU Same thing (HA HA)

Seriously though sammy...

If I were you.. I would just one..I would probably get a Software Norton Internet Security...

I would also use Windows Defender...

Just a suggestion

Windows Defender and Norton Internet Security whats the difference i stated in my earlier post no Single Anti virus program will give you total protection, you have to use some other variant of a virus cleener to offset some of the weakness that your main program will miss....

Take for example i once had Norton Corporate edition and AVG free non detected a Trojan i had on my pc until i installed Mcafee Enterprise.

no Single Anti virus program will give you total protection, you have to use some other variant of a virus cleener to offset some of the weakness that your main program will miss....

Your right...but I don't think any combination will give you "TOTAL" protection either

I was just saying that this combination works best for me and maybe it might work for other users as well

@ mallard you must have had some experience with virus infection, Just like me, thats why we use the dual antivirus program, and you are right what work for you or me might not work for someone else..but it's worth a try, thats why we are here to give advised and can talk about what work and what does not....

I like to break fix and test system i am running a VMware machinne with 3 antivirus right now still no issue.Symantec Endpoint, Mcaffe enterprise and AVG free. plus AGV antispyware, spyware terminator and i throw everything at it, when one miss the other catch...

I agree with everybody here that it is not atall a good idea to install two antiviruses in one PC. Moreover Antivirus and Spyware removal tools are coming together now a days. So You should get a good Antivirus which will help you to fight against Virus and Spywares both. Some antivirus like Panda Antivirus will not be installed if you have other antivirus installed in your computer.

I will suggest you to remove all the antivirus from your Computer and install a Good Antivirus which is capable of protecting you from all the virus related threats.

I use Kaspersky antivirus. It takes less resource (CPU, RAM). It updates everyday. It is cheap, It can detect most of the recent threats. What else you need?

Wish you best of luck on choosing a good antivirus for your computer.

Don't use Norton internet security!
Most RAM draining application in existence!
Get AVG Internet security, much better and cheaper :)
I have had too many bad problems with Norton IS 2007. They have lost my trust.

I had bad experience with Norton. Now, I have much problem with Symantec EndPoint. It spend much of your RAM. I just tried AVG pro this few days, seems it works well.
I agree to use some antivirus, but I prefer to have one the best installed in my PC and the other just online scanner.

What I do is a try different Anti-virus and see how it works for me... Costs a lot, but its worth the protection...

I just think that if your really new to computers and internet all together. Then we shouldn't through stuff at them like like "Use two different anti-virus's and two different spy-ware's etc" Thats my point.... Not everybody knows a lot about computer in general... never mind using different combinations of anti-virus's...

Thats why I suggested getting a Suite...


The other thing I wanted to bring up is the difference between free antivirus's and buying anti-virus's.

I perfer to buy my anti-virus because I still believe the "You get what you pay for" Theory. To me it seems like you are you using a free anti-virus software its not going to give the same protection as one that you would buy...

Thats just my opinion...

Running multiple AVs on your computer will significantly decrease performance (and some won't even allow it) but you can use online tools to scan with multiple antivirus engines:
1. You can do a quick scan of your running processes and memory with 5 antivirus engines using the MD4SA demo (
2. You can upload files to scan with many antivirus engines using Metascan Online (

any multi scan tool is only as good as the virus scanning tools it uses ,and from what i just goggled and read it used 5 different tools and only one of them [the 5 used ] is a know proven tool

only one of them [the 5 used ] is a know proven tool

What do you mean by 'proven tool'? If you go by third party certifications, 4 out of the 5 engines included (ESET, Norman, Quick Heal and VirusBuster) have received multiple VB100 awards, which shows that they detected 100% of 'In the Wild' viruses and reported 0 false positives.

ESET and Quick Heal have also received Checkmark Certifications from West Coast Labs.