Hi there,
I have a compaq presario v3000 at home. I had it for almost 2 years already, and last night it went nuts. When I turned on the power, it goes fine, but when i reach page where im supposed to fill in the password for my laptop, it just had this windows logo without the password box . Could someone help me please? I have no idea what's going on.
Thank you

Boot to Safe Mode and try system restore.

I've tried that one, but i came to the same spot and stops again. Do you think that it may be caused by some viruses or programs that i've recently installed?

How can i reboot my laptop when i couldnt even get log in to it? Do you have any alternative way to reboot without logging in?

Hard Reboot your laptop and boot with your Windows CD and enter Recovery Console and Run Chkdsk to fix disk problems and file cross linking errors which are supposed to be the cause of your problem